From precious heirlooms to bridal designer collections, Indian weddings are probably the reason why onlinejewelry shops earn so much.

Besides, most brides today pay lots of attention to their wedding wardrobe. After all, it’s the one day they get to deck up and look nothing less than a Queen. However, did you know the purpose of wearing specific ?

Well, traditional bridal jewellery isn’t just for decking the bride like a goddess. Now, unlike people in India,if you didn’t have your grandmother to tell you the interesting stories behind wearing certain Indian Jewelry, let’s hear those out here.

Check out these traditional Granny stories behind wearing bridal jewelry!

#1 Jhumkas or nose rings!

People have always considered weddings pure and holy! Now, according to traditional legends, dark spirits would sometimes try to contaminate the conjugal ambience. Grannies say that the spirits trouble the bride by possessing them. Hence, jhumkas and nose pins were worn for protecting the bride from the clutches of evil spirits.

#2 Rings or anguti

The third finger of our hand is called the ring finger. Do you know why?

The reason being it’s believed that the vein in that finger runs directly to the heart. Hence, since marriages are based on love and affection, wearing it in the ring finger symbolizes undying commitment towards one’s spouse.

bridal Indian jewelry

#3 Anklets

Traditional Indians believed that new brides should wearPayal or anklets to let people know of their arrival. It represents new marriage full of possibilities.

#4 Churiya or Bangles

A favourite amongst most jubilant Indian brides, brides wear bangles to represent safety and prosperity for her husband. Moreover, many parts of India have different legends associated with bangles.For example- In West Bengal, new brides wear a combination of red and white bangles signifying the long life of their husbands.

Likewise, South Indians wear green bangles to signify fertility and success.

#5 Mangtikka

The mangtikka associates with the holy union of two kindred souls, the bride and groom. Henceforth, the union of the partners physically, emotionally and spiritually is represented by adorning this gorgeous accessory.

#6 Necklaces

According to legends, brides wear the necklace mainly to denote affection, love and commitment towards her husband.

Now, that you know these fascinating stories behind some of yourfavoritebridal Indian jewelry. Here are steps to pick the best deals.

Pointers to keep in mind while choosing your jewellery wardrobe

  1. Keep in mind that matching bridal jewellery with your wedding trousseau will create a more lasting impact on your onlookers. Thus, avoid contrasting jewellery, unless your outfit can complement it.
  2. Moreover, only, wear heavy bridal jewelry if you’re Ghaghra choli or saree is not heavily embellished.
  3. Try to buy jewellery for parts of your body you wish to highlight; a waist band is one ornament a non-native bride can choose.

Hence, choose a gorgeous bridal Indian jewelryto match your Indian themed wedding abroad, and watch your guests be awestruck.




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