Have you ever heard the term “”? RV is a recreational vehicle specially designed for people who love recreational activities in the nature’s lap. On some locations, recreational vehicle parks (RV parks) are developed where people can stay overnight with their recreational vehicle. It is somewhat between dry camping and regular camping that have an objective of economical living and holiday living respectively, though both type of campings have contact with the nature. Camping with recreational vehicle has similar features of both dry and regular camping.

Distinction among dry camping, RV camping and regular camping

When someone has visited any site not meant for camping and spent a night over there with his RV, it wouldn’t be called a RV camping but dry camping because he had no intention of recreation and no amenities on a camping ground. The RV parks designed for recreational vehicle camping offer all facilities to the guests, though they may be charging fee for providing amenities and other facilities needed by the guests. Regular is entirely different and more elaborate from dry and recreational vehicle camping because this is usually done on a wooded land and for more days. People in regular camping enjoy in campground cabins or tents, stay one night or longer, do trail walking and lit camp fire in the night for real experience of camping.rv camping

RV camping scenario in different countries

RV camping is quite popular in western region of the globe and also in other regions. RV parks have been set up in many countries in European continent, Australia, New Zealand and North America. In Europe, this concept is usually called Caravan Club, the term referred for environment-friendly caravan sites. In Australia, trailer park is the commonly used term for RV parks. In New Zealand, motor camp, caravan park or holiday parks are the terms used for this place. North America has a different scenario. Here RV parks are usually membership-based and camping facility in these parks is allowed to registered members.

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