Why society still doesn’t accept gay relationships

Gay persons face hatred, prejudice as well as fear by homophobic people. These homophobic people state that their reason for gay bias is due to religion. Most religions do more than just frown upon gay relationships. Some go as far as to consider them an abomination. However, the actual reason is very different. Homophobic men cannot accept gays as they are not like them. These gays are perceived as weak or effeminate.  Boys are taught from an early age that they are superior to girls and anything feminine is inferior.


They are fed with varying levels of misogyny through media, action heroes, sports and even by observing adults. Subtle messages are sent across that men are strong whereas women are weak.  Men lead whereas women only follow. Women gossip but men lead discourses. Women are passive whereas men are aggressive.

On the sports field and even in other areas men are insulted by female references. Drill sergeants and coaches usually call those that are slower or not very skillful as “girls” or “ladies”.

Being told that he is like a girl is the ultimate put down for a boy. It threatens his masculinity, identity as well as social standing. Young boys are frightened that they will be treated as outcasts if they are called gay. In fact, the entire school ensures that their life is miserable and they are taunted if they exhibit the slightest feminine tendencies.

Boys therefore start a life long campaign both subconsciously and consciously to oppose anything that is weak and this percolates through their clothes, talk, the sports they play, their beliefs, how they vote and how they treat people.

Straight men also feel that showing care, concern, appreciation, admiration or friendliness is being feminine and so it is avoided as they feel real men do not do that. They are so scared of getting branded as gay, that they do and say anything to prove that they are not feminine. This includes holding prejudice against gay men.


Women too do not accept gays for the same reason. They consider them different and hence not normal and they shun them for the same reason which men shun gays.

Society also stereotypes gays and they are usually associated with pedophilia, child abuse, AIDS. Homosexual males are associated as being interested in hair dressing, women’s fashion and having friends which are female.

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