Should gay marriages be allowed

Those that support gay marriage say that the ban on gay marriage is unconstitutional and discriminatory. The same benefits that different sex couples have,should be enjoyed by same sex couples as well. Those that oppose same sex marriages state that the reason why people get married is for procreation. Gay marriages should be legalized as the constitution allows various freedoms. One of the liberties is pursuing happiness. This is not possible for gay people if they are not allowed to marry the one they love.

In civil partnerships, couples can have joint bank accounts and they can live in the same house as well as together pay their bills. This is not available to homosexual couples. Therefore, these benefits should be available to all couples regardless of the sex of their partner. Where gay marriages are not legal, when filing for insurance or for health care, the couples are not able to add their partner’s names. In times where life altering decisions need to be taken like in hospitals, when gay marriages are not legal, the spouse is not considered as next of kin and thus is not authorized to make the decisions and this results in delaying of care.

Gay marriage should be allowed as the couple can celebrate their commitment to each other and their children can have better legal protection. The marriage certificate also proves the legal right of the partner especially in emergency situations.

Marriage increases the commitment as well as responsibility of the partners and this strengthens their relationship. Due to a marriage the acceptance and participation of the extended families and communities is increased.

When same sex marriages are not allowed, it sends out a negative message and leads to the build up and increase in prejudice and discrimination. As a direct result of the discrimination, there is more drug and alcohol abuse as well as depression faced by these people.

When these people are allowed to get married, they will spend almost the same as the heterosexuals on their wedding ceremony and receptions, which in turn helps the economy and it helps the government as well due to the million dollars generated in terms of revenues through marriage license fees.

On the 2th June, 2013 the US Supreme court’s decision makes it possible for same sex married couples to have the same benefits as the heterosexual couples including rights to pension and tax breaks.


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